Save The Humans

We don’t know the answers--how to enact wider change, but we're going to spend some time thinking about it, and trying, though mainly we're just sorry. Sorry for those who lost their lives and their loved ones who lost their people. Sorry so many people are so angry. Sorry that we keep ignoring widespread mental health issues. Sorry that every time this happens things feel so hopeless. We all must get to the heart of our emotions—explore the rage, the uncertainty, anger and attempt to heal and find ways to help others heal as well. If we continue to do the same things over and over, how can we expect different results? 

I designed this shirt because I needed to feel hopeful and we have a whole bunch laying around. So if you purchase a donation—add your amount (it will go the the Colorado Healing Fund and then also ADD A SHIRT to your cart, you'll get a shirt FOR FREE.

Nothin' but Love. 🖤